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Replicating SVM configuration onto MetroCluster?


I evaluate possibility to migrate existing cluster to MetroCluster. To my best knowledge it is still impossible to convert existing cluster into MetroCluster non-distruptively - it requires data evacuation and wipe clean of existing cluster which is out of question. Assuming I build new MC and have space to accommodate old data - migrating data itself is more or less trivial. The challenge is to replicate SVMs together with all configurations. Unfortunately, SnapMirror SVM also is not supported for MetroCluster (although it is unclear what exactly is not supported - SVM DR between two clusters in MC? Or any SMV DR where one side is MC?) So what options are to automate rebuilding of SVM on new cluster? Doing it manually is rather error prone, it is easy to miss something.



I you migrate from 7-mode to c-mode you can use the 7MTT-tool. The metrocluster in C-mode are two clusters configured in metrocluster. Just migrate the data to one of the cluster in the metrocluster in a mirrorred aggregate. The SVM will be automatically synced to the other cluster of the metrocluster.... Isn't that what you want to achieve in the end? The same is true migrating from C-mode to C-mode by using the snapmirror functionality.