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mirrored aggregates

Hi Gurus,


I have a NetApp v-series environment (v3240) and backend disks(LUNS) coming from a connected HP EVA.  Aggregates are mirrored as you can see below and now running out of storage capacity on EVA and like to get rid of mirrored Aggrs and use that space for new volumes. Is it possible to convert a mirrored aggregate to a non-mirrored aggregate (ie deleting the other plex) online (with out causing any disruption to production users). Please advise.


Prod> aggr status
Aggr State Status Options
aggr0 online raid0, aggr root
aggr1 online raid0, aggr
aggr2 online raid0, aggr


Re: mirrored aggregates

Hi there!


Breaking mirrored aggregate plexes off is supported - documentation is at https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1635994/html/GUID-1797A80F-77B4-4499-B2B9-2AF045CE304A.html - do aggr status -v to see the plex name, and then remove it, but I acknowledge it doesn't specifically say you can do it with v-series LUNs.


However! you should be very sure of your actions, and ascertain why the aggregates are mirrored to begin with - it may be to provide site redundancy. I would strongly suggest you open a support case to validate your plans before going ahead.

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Re: mirrored aggregates

Thank you Alex!

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