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I am interested to know if there's any roadmap published for the future of SMB1 support in ONTAP9 - I'm assuming there's going to be a plan to remove it in a release post 9.7...? Anyone seen anything posted?





Re: SMB1 support


For ONTAP 9.x, all SMB versions are supported. Starting 9.3, SMB 1.0 will be disabled by default but can be enabled or disabled as needed.


Hopefully the attached documents provide more clarification:

SMB Protocol Best Practices ONTAP 9.x (Page 5) 

Supported SMB versions and functionality 

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Re: SMB1 support

OK, so I think that answers the question in a roundabout way that's there's no (public) roadmap with a date to remove SMB1 support server or client support currently. I assume it's likely going to be following MS' lead on when it's removed from Windows...


Re: SMB1 support

I don't think we even have roadmap plans to get rid of it. There may be someone out there who will still need it so having it disabled by default should be sufficient.

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