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SMB2 QFid Support




I have a customer who has contacted Microsoft in regards to some performance issues.  MSFT have come back asking if their CIFS storage supports SMB2 Qfid.  As far as I can tell, it references the following article:







The client is requesting that the server return a 32-byte opaque BLOB that uniquely identifies the file being opened on disk. No data is passed to the server by the client.


The customer is connecting to NetApp storage (clustered OnTap 8.2.3P6).  I am unable to find any references to this anywhere in documentation or the NetApp support site.  The only reference I could find was in the file access guide for 7-mode version 7.x in which it simply states it is not supported as they could find no reason for using it.  Anyone here have any knowledge of this?  Thanks.



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