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SP error inodes


Hi All! I have problem with two my nodes FAS3240 on the cluster. When i go to system console from SP I see repeated messages

"pid 354 (mlogd), uid 0 inumber 389 on /var: out of inodes". OS is 8.3RC1. May be problem in my memory card? What are you thinck about this and how fix this problem? 


Thank you!


Re: SP error inodes


does the messages file state anything?


Also, 8.3 RC code, so this is a cdot cluster?  Hope you aren't running production on RC code

Re: SP error inodes


Yes, cluster mode 8.3rc1.


Nothing else was observed. In this case I can not use the console as well as prevent the pop-up messages about these inodes. I would like to know what is the reason, as / var is a section of the OS and would not like the consequences of this error in the future.

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