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SPM - degraded performance


In SPM tool , if I disable or enable the option "Degrded Performance" in hardware setting, what is the difference between output ?


what kind of performance was degraded and what happend if I enable degraded performance ?



Many thanks  





Degraded performance OK on HA takeover event Depends on the customer’s need This is a checkbox option. The default position is for the checkbox to be selected, which means that some degree of performance degradation is acceptable if a storage controller in an HA pair is down for a short time. The storage HA pair operates with degraded performance until the failed HA partner is brought back up. If this checkbox is deselected, storage performance is maintained while a storage controller in an HA pair is down. SPM reserves 50% of system resources to guarantee the performance. SPM might recommend additional storage controller HA pairs because of the 50% system resource reservation. Note: When you configure this option, it is important to consider the customer’s requirements.


Refer Page 17 in the link: https://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4190.pdf

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