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SRA Array Manager Error


Hello All,


I am currently faced with the dreaded "device cannot be matched to a remote peer device" in my SRM array manager configuration.  So I have a question:


Per the Netapp Fas/V -Series Storage Replication Adapter 2.1 Install and Admin Guide it states:


"SnapMirror relationships must be defined in the destination vFiler context and not in the

destination physical vfiler0 context."


How is this possible if I am using NFS vfilers on a private storage network (vlan) at the Protected Site, and the Recovery Site that is NOT routed? 


It would appear to me this error is because the SRA is checking for a snapmirror.conf file that does not exist, because I am currently replicating my volumes/datastores from vfiler0.  My setup is pretty much the same as what is depicted on page 21 of TR-4064.


Thanks in advance!