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SSL Certification Renew

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I've to renew the SSL ceritificates in my environement for most of the AFF and 8080 systems. Since I haven't done this in past looking for some assistance here.


For each cluster there are 5-6 vservers,  assuming SSL certificates are to be renewed on every vsevers.  Need to know following,


1. Will there be any downtime on vserver NFS services while deleting the current certificates.


2. Do I need to download the new certificate files into cluster as like ONTAP images










Re: SSL Certification Renew



Please refer KB https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1032196


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Re: SSL Certification Renew



According to NetApp "Certificates do not replicate in SVM disaster recovery relationships with a non-ID-preserve configuration"


How to replicate it to be the same beetwen source and destination SVM?


Is it possible  when using  -identity-preserve option False (ID-preserve) ?



We set -identity-preserve option to False.



Thnak you

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