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SVM-DR Volume Placement


Hello Everyone,


I have never done SVM-DR. We want to use SVM-DR for datacenter migration. We have established the relationship and there are more than 500 volumes in the source SVM. Now we want all these volumes to land into specific aggregates. As far as I have researched the volume placement is done automatically following specific rules but we want them to land into specific aggregates and we want to avoid vol moves. To achieve this after setting up the relationship we have excluded all the volumes from protection, and we have modified the agg-list in the destination vserver. Now we have created batches of volumes aggregate wise, after initializing the relationship with no volumes we have modified the destination vserver aggr-list with only one aggregate, we modifed the dr-protection attribute of all the volumes in first bacth and did a snapmirror update. Those volumes landed in the aggregate that we wanted. Next we modified the aggr-list and removed the aggregate from first batch and selected only aggregate for the second batch. The volume placement is working as we want but I wanted to make sure if what we are doing is right and we should be good with the cutover without any surprises. 


Thank you


Re: SVM-DR Volume Placement


Technically, SVM DR is not designed as a cutover mechanism. However, the modified process for volume placement you mentioned above should work, and appears to be working.

Once all volumes have been replicated to the destination SVM using the method described above, use the following two procedures to begin using the destination SVM, then to break and delete the SVM DR relationship, assuming this is a one time cutover:





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