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Consolidating Windows servers/CIFS to NetApp AFF


Hi Gurus,


We have around 10+ Windows servers running home and file shares for users.  In AD user object, the home path is hardcoded with \\servername.domain.com\profiles\username\home.


In order to overcome above path dependency after migration (Not preferring to change in AD/user object), if I consider to create one SVM and add create 10 aliases to CIFS server name  (same name as that of windows servers) do you foresee any issues?  with respect to Kerberos authentication etc.?

Are there any limitations in ONTAP on how many aliases  I can create for a CIFS Server name?

Or is it recommended to create 10 separate SVMs? Please let me know the reasoning for same. 


Thanking you,




Re: Consolidating Windows servers/CIFS to NetApp AFF


I dont see any issue with having multiple alias if you are consolidating file servers.  And have not seen any limitation... yet.       

You just make sure there's no cifs share duplicates.  Otherwise,  you will need to create multiple SVM.

Re: Consolidating Windows servers/CIFS to NetApp AFF


No problem with adding the aliases. With respect to kerberos authentication, you will need to create an SPN for each alias to be able to authenticate using kerb.

The limitation is your DNS limitation. From NetApp perspective you can create as many as you want. 

No reason to create multiple SVMs. 


Note: You can config NetApp for home dirs.

Creating a home directory configuration using the %w and %d variables


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