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ONTAP Select - Changing Broadcast Domains


I have ONTAP Select up and running on a vSphere cluster.

I have a SVM created with a volume and NFS exports.

The management and data interfaces are on different subnets.

All the network interfaces are using one Ethernet port e0a.

How do I get the data lif 's to use the other ethernet ports e0b and e0c?

I'm assuming that e0a, e0b and e0c correspond to the three network adapters that I see on the node VM.





Hi @MitchS ,


Port e0c is reserved for the Cluster Interconnect LIF and IPspace, therefore you will not be able to use it for data traffic. Port e0b and e0a are capable of data traffic, which you are already using e0a. 


You can create a new data LIF using the new port or change the "-home-port" using the "network interface modify" command.

Command Documentation: Network Interface Modify 


Here is documentation that details ONTAP Select Networking:

ONTAP Select Networking 

ONTAP Select Networking Concept 




Team NetApp

Team NetApp


I was able to get Unix hosts to mount the NFS exported volume and write data.

This is a single node setup running on vSphere.

So e0a is for management and looks to use  Network adaptor 1 on the node1 vSphere virtual machine, same subnet used.

I think e0b is data traffic for the SVM and looks to use Network adaptor 2 on the node1 vSphere virtual machine, same subnet used.

Right now e0b and e0c are using the same network subnet, on the node1 vSphere virtual machine Network adapter 2 and Network adapter 3 respectively I believe.

The SnapMirror replication needs to go over a third network subnet different from the management and data traffic.

Can I just change the Network adapter 3 on the node1 vSphere virtual machine to the subnet network that the Intercluster SnapMirror (e0c) needs to use for replication?

Do the Network adapters on node1 vSphere virtual machine match up in order, e0a is Network adapter 1, e0b is Network adapter 2, e0c is Network adapter 3?