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Issues found in Active IQ Unified Manager REST API behavior


Hi @andris and Members, 

I have set up 9.8 Active IQ REST Swagger UI and while collecting data with the help of exposed URLs have observed below listed issues :

  1. Active IQ Unified Manager REST API lists more qtrees than the actual count available on Active IQ admin portal, On REST it is 100 and on Active IQ it is 20; (See: qtree_comparison.png )
  2. Active IQ Unified Manager REST API shows less number of aggregates than the list of aggregates available on the Active IQ admin panel, (See: aggregates.png)

Are these known bugs on the REST? 




I can't explain the qtree output difference, other than a possible scope difference (all vservers v.s. one vserver for example).


I found the explanation for the aggregate count difference... the ONTAP REST API doesn't include root aggregates.

Ref: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMLP2856304/html/index.html

Retrieving storage aggregate information

The Storage Aggregate GET API retrieves all data aggregates in the cluster. System owned root aggregates are not included in the output.
This API also supports specific queries, in addition to queries on aggregate body properties, which affect the output of the API. The parameters for these queries are “recommend” and "show_spares". Using the “recommend” query returns the list of aggregates that are recommended for creation in the cluster. The “show_spares” query returns a response outside of the records body, which includes the groups of usable spares in the cluster.