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SVM DR and snapmirror from command line is not in web Interface



I have quastion about different between command line and web interface.

We have ONTAP 8.3 on FAS2552 and we have configured three SVM with DR to remote FAS2552.

All is set via command line (peers, relationship etc.). Snapmirror works, DR worsk, all seems be ok, but I have one problem :


If I set in "Veeam Backup and Replication" schedule to create snapshot and then run snapmirror, I give back from veeam this error :

"Cannot find any relevant NetApp SnapVault and SnapMirror relationships".


I think, that Veeam doesn't see snapmirror configuration via NetApp api on Netapp.

If I look on NetApp web interface, then I see under SVM in Protection section nothing. Nothing is in Policies -> Protection Policies too.

Soo, I think, that NetApp configuration is wrong, but I dont know why / where?


Otherwise, we have SnapMirror and SnapVault license and Veeam create snapshot on Netapp ok, but working with SnapMirror is problem.


Thank you for tip





Hi Max,


SVM-DR is command line only, which is why you cannot manage it within the GUI (ONTAP 9 will show the relationship in System Manager however it cannot be managed). It is also not supported in SnapDrvie/SnapManager/SnapCenter so assuming (although I cannot explicity find it) this also extends to Veeam.


If appropiate, you could always exclude individual volumes from SVM-DR to re-gain control of the volume relationship, using the volume modify command and the -vserver-dr-protection option.


Hope this clarifies for you.