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SVM Data LIF using Port 443 + 5986


Hi - Does enybody know why a SVM data LIF is listening on port 443 + 5986? I would expect this kind of traffic on a management port.





Would you mind giving us more details on your environment.


The LIF you are referring to: Is it NAS SVM (i.e serving NAS Protocols only: CIFS/NFS) ?


I am asking it b'cos : For SVM serving CIFS and NFS protocols only, data LIFs have management access by default. Which means, both data protocols and management protocols can share the same LIF, unless you create a dedicated LIF for management purpose.



What's ontap version?


Output of this?
::> network interface show -vserver <vserver> -fields role,firewall-policy,data-protocol




Thank you for your feedback.

We are currently using Ontap 9.5P8.

I'm talking about a NAS LIF for CIFS. We have a dedicated LIF for management traffic. The firewall is disabled.

xxx::> network interface show -vserver nv02001asds10 -fields role, firewall-policy, data-protocol

vserver       lif                  role data-protocol firewall-policy

------------- -------------------- ---- ------------- ---------------

nv02001asds10 nv02001asds10-202s01 data cifs          data

nv02001asds10 nv02001asds10-202s02 data cifs          data

nv02001asds10 nv02001asds10-m01    data none          mgmt

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