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SVM Security best practice


Hi all


Does someone know repercution security network or security breach for this 2 methods :


2 SVM  with 2 LIF ,  one lif per SVM and 1 vlan per lif  




1 SVM with 2 LIF (on the same SVM)  with export policy for filter by ip/client match.


Does somewhere we should found this KB /  Best Practice.











It depends on what you are doing with the 2 LIFs. If you want to use one for NFS and the other for CIFS I would use 2 SVMs because there is just one routing table per SVM.

I think it is not a security decision because then you use IPSpaces, it's more a networking/routing decision.




Thanks for this response.


My customer would like isolate flux dmz and they would like have one SVM for several VLAN.

I would like to explain their that it's better and properly to segregate each environment with several SVM but i don't have the strong argument 




I would separate DMZ and the production network with IPSpaces.

In my opinion the following arguments are used to separate SVMs:


- Domain Admins have rights on Active Directory joined SVMs 

- If you use NFS SVMs for VMWare Datastore you need a user for a backup tool (like VSC) and you don't want to share the cifs volumes with this user (cloning, destroying and so on)

- Routing issues as mentioned

- Administrative issues: if for example the server team wants to administrate the CIFS Shares on their own and you don't want them to create shares on the NFS volumes


So it really depends on what you're using on this SVMs.

There is no direct relationship between the protocols and the routing table but often you don't want to maintain a routing table for cifs when you don't know exactly in which subnets your clients live.

You can for sure create a SVM with both protocols but beware of the requirements for joining an Active Directory and the security style for the volumes.





SVM's with ipspaces would be the way to go, one for DMZ, and one for prod network.


Don't mess with export policies to control acl's for cifs


Your question is slighly confusing to me.


We do one SVM with a lif on each physical from the cluster


So for example, SVM1, 2 HA pair would get 4 LIFS


In my honest opinion, unless you are in a super secure corporate environment, govt regulated or a true multi-tenant ip filtering is a complete waste of time

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