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how to perform cluster mode ontap upgrade from 8.2.3P2 to 9.0


Currently: cDOT 8.3.1P2

Upgrade to: ONTAP 9.1

FAS8020 single controller




I need to upgrade FAS8020 single controller from 8.3.1P2 to ONTAP 9.1. I notice some of the commands in the upgrade guide do not seem to apply?


ntap01::*> cluster image package get -url

Error: command failed: This feature is not available on single node clusters.


So I tried this and it's uploaded.

ntap01::*> system image get

Software get started on node lsvntap01a
Downloading package. This may take up to 10 minutes.
99% downloaded
Download complete.
Software get completed on node lsvntap01a.


However, I don't see it in:

ntap01::*> cluster image package show-repository
There are no packages in the repository.


Although I do see it in:

ntap01::*> system image package show
Node Repository Package File Name
------------ -------------- -----------------
2 entries were displayed.

 The upgrade guide seems to be written for multi-node cluster and it looks like single-node cluster upgrade process is different. Or more possibly it's more about non-disruptive vs disruptive upgrade processes being different?


Could someone advise how to proceed from here to get the single node cluster upgraded? Should I just run  'system node image update' or there are other steps I need to follow?


Thank you.





Achou -


Yes, it would be:

system node image update

system node reboot


However ...


I note that your jumping from 8.3 -> 9.1

Best practice is usualy to go from major version to major version.

It may still work, but you probably would want to check with upgrade advisor first.


See mysupport.netapp.com -> My AutoSupport -> upgrade advisor.


You may also wish to review the 'Upgrade and Revert/Downgrade Guide':


Or the 'Upgrade Express Guide'.


See also this recent post on 8.3-9.1 upgrades, though it's not specific to single node:





I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

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