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SVM monitoring

Hi community!


I'm interested to hear if anyone would have implemented monitoring in SVM granularity.

To clarify:

- I already know ways to monitor volumes, disk/hw, LIFs etc.

- I would like to allow our end customer to access SVM's key healt indicators, such as volume capacity.

- I would like to allow this connection through only the network LIF assigned to that specific SVM and not through the cluster management interface.


So, what tools/software you have used for this type of monitoring?




Re: SVM monitoring

are you familiar with NetApp Harvest?  We have been using it for a few years, works great.  Setup a Graphite/Grafana server, plug in Harvest, slice and dice any way you see fit


Harvest is available in the toolchest.

Re: SVM monitoring

...or head over to https://nabox.tynsoe.org/ and get the OVA including all needed components.



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