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SVM with CIFS/NFS - Cache of Windows/ NIS GID




I have a SVM running CIFS/NFS with Unix security on the share. I have set up AD Auth as it should.


I can create a file from Windows mapping the CIFS share. I can create a file from my Linux box using NFS. Each time the UID/GID matches.



However,  after changing the Primary Group / GID in Active Directory under the [tab] Unix Attributes the GID is changes only on my Linux box and not from Windows when i create new files and folders. Folders that are owned by the 'updated' GID are blocked.


I created a new user from scratch having the 'updated' Primary Group and no 'old' cache in the system. Access to the folders and files work as expected both from Windows and Linux.



So, to my question, is there a cache somewhere that caches this kind of information? Can this information be purged?



System is running the latest ONTap, 8.3.2


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Re: SVM with CIFS/NFS - Cache of Windows/ NIS GID


A small update,


A simple vserver cifs stop/ start seems to work. However, once in Prod i would like to update a 'cached store' instead of stop/start if possible.




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