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NFS Export Permission problem for Linux on cDOT 8.3.1

Hi, I've just created our first SVM for NFS and we are  having problems mounting voumes on Linux hosts:


1.  I created an export policy with rules to allow four servers to mount the volume 


cluster1::vserver export-policy rule> show -vserver praXXXXXX
             Policy          Rule    Access   Client                RO
Vserver      Name            Index   Protocol Match                 Rule
------------ --------------- ------  -------- --------------------- ---------
praXXXXXX    default         1       nfs          any       <==  
praXXXXXX    default         2       nfs          any       <==


praXXXXXX    sfgpreprod      1       nfs          any
praXXXXXX    sfgpreprod      2       nfs          any
praXXXXXX    sfgpreprod      3       nfs          any
praXXXXXX    sfgpreprod      4       nfs          any


2. Linux could still not mount the share untile I added IP's into the SVM default policy - they now mount on these 2 hosts.


3. I still cannot mount them on 41/42


4. I will be creating other volumes for access by other hosts so do not wants all hosts having access to all volumes so do not want to add all IPs into

the default policy.


Any help would be appreciated. thanks Rob







Re: NFS Export Permission problem for Linux on cDOT 8.3.1

The hosts must have at least read access to the SVM root volume.  This likely is associated with the export policy named default, though you could make and apply a custom policy to the SVM root volume.


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Re: NFS Export Permission problem for Linux on cDOT 8.3.1

Sean, thanks.

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