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Sandrive and lun serial number


I am having problem of increasing the lun size via snapdrive.

I get below error when i try to resize the lun.

" Unable to resize disk. Error: The Lun with serial number'doatGJg9lErB' is not found on the system.

When I try to > lun show -v lun_ path then I can see the lun is online and the correct serial number.

What is the best way to fix?






This error might be due to deiscrepancy between internal windows serial and Filer-side LUN serial but apparently in Windows it was not updated due to SAN Policy on Online,All. Try to change the SAN policy to offline shared for the lun in question which requires short offline/online of the LUN. refer KB https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=2014324 (requires login)

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Try to refresh the information in SnapDrive.


Can you look at the properties of the disk in SnapDrive?

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