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Scripting SAN volume and LUN creation


I am trying to script the creation of SAN volume and then a LUN underneath using the CLI.  The first problem is that there is no Storage Type option from the CLI that I can find.  So creating the SAN volume with one command and then creating the LUN with a second command does not seem to be an option.


The second issue is if I try to just create the LUN and the volume at the same time using lun create, there is no option to select the aggregate that I want to use.  I want the script to select a particular aggregate for this process.


Is there a way to do this without using WFA?  Does Powershell have this capability?  I am running CDOT 8.3.2P4.






After doing a little testing it looks like the NFS Storage Type option in System Manager only adds a mount point.  Other than that, the volumes are exactly the same.  I guess I could run the unmount command to remove the mount to make it a "SAN" volume but that seems a bit clunky.


Still working on trying to do this using the lun create command...


Ok, I think I figured this out.


It is a two-step process with some prep up front.  My ultimate goal is to be able to provision LUNs using a third-party tool to be used as quick, temporary lab environments.  Here are the steps I went through.


Prep work


1. Create a separate SVM with vsadmin enabled.  I don't want my script hitting anything but this SVM and I don't want it having system-wide admin privileges.


2. The hosts on the other end will have static WWPNs so I created the igroups ahead of time in the new SVM.


3. Assign the appropriate aggregates to the SVM using vserver modify command:


# vserver modify -vserver <svm_name> -aggr-list <comma-delimited aggregate list>


Script - Logged in as vsadmin


1. Create the volume.  Note that if you don't use the -policy option, it will not create the mount point which is the only difference from a SAN volume.


# vol create -volume <volume_name> -aggregate <aggregate_name> -size <GB,TB> -state online -type RW


2. Create the LUN.


# lun create -path </vol/volume_name/lun_name> -size <GB,TB> -ostype <os_name> -space-reserve <enabled,disabled> -space-allocation <enabled,disabled>


3. Map the LUN.


# lun map-path </vol/volume_name/lun_name> -igroup <igroup_name> -lun-id <#>





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