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Share folder not open for cluster folder


Hi @shatfield,


     I have configured the cluster mode (ip-43) with 2 nodes (IP-44 & 45) successfully. i have provided one IP(50) for SVM and  network interface IP is 51. I have successfully opened the share folder with IP-50 & 51 but when i try to open the share folder with cluster IP(43) or 2 nodes IPs (44 and 45) then it can not be opened. All IPs ping properly.


Please tell me the concept of open share folder.





Re: Share folder not open for cluster folder


Hi Mark,

Congratulations..! You seems to be new to NetApp, still you have successfully setup the cluster and SVM both..!


The behaviour that you see is exactly what is expected. Data access will be routed always through the SVM's Data LIF (Logical InterFace) not through the node's or cluster's interfaces. In your case, IP 43 seems to be the Cluster Management IP address and 44 & 45 are node management IPs. Others, 50 and 51 are Data LIF IP addresses of the SVM. You can only access data from clients (CIFS,NFS or iSCSI) through the Data LIFs, not through management LIFs.  

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