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Procedure to halt/reboot FAS2240-2 system


Hello, I have a question on how to properly halt/reboot my FAS2240-2 environment. We are running 8.1.1 7-Mode. Currently this environment hosts CIFS and NFS. With two controllers on here would it be possible to initiate a failover to the second controller so I can then reboot the 1st controller and then bring it up and let it fail back? At that point I could then initiate that command for the other controller to reboot. What is the appropirate method for initiating this? I'm looking for 0 downtime but would of course do this at night anyways. We do have public facing websites so we would like to maintain connectivity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the advice.


Re: Procedure to halt/reboot FAS2240-2 system


You can have a look at the HA documentation but if you do a takeover, the controller taking over will handle the workloads for the other controller. The controller being taken over will automatically reboot and wait for the giveback.


CIFS sessions will be terminated though, so that may have an impact depending on the application using the CIFS shares.

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Re: Procedure to halt/reboot FAS2240-2 system

And of course it depends on correct HA pair and hosts configuration. So yes, cf takeover should be enough ... Assuming all prerequisites are met.

Re: Procedure to halt/reboot FAS2240-2 system


There is no such thing as ZERO downtime for CIFS on ontap 7-mode.  


Also, if you are running an older version of ontap, you should look to upgrade.  And to ensure your takeover and giveback will not have any problems, you should run a config advisor against your cluster

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