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Resume SnapVault fails with "destination is temporarily quiesced" after running out of Snapshots


Hello Community, need your help, 


my SMSP creates SnapShots on primary and secondary (SnapVault) volume without honoring retentions. Now both volumes (primary and secondary) running out of snapshots (255) and SV went off. 


snapvault status -l says

Status: Idle
Progress: -
State: Snapvaulted
Lag: 64:50:34
Mirror Timestamp: Sat Jan 23 01:27:53 CET 2016
Base Snapshot: xyz-base.0
Current Transfer Type: Retry
Current Transfer Error: destination requested snapshot that does not exist on the source
Contents: Replica
Last Transfer Type: Update
Last Transfer Size: 3114976 KB
Last Transfer Duration: 00:00:20



After deleting snapshots on both sides, I tried to resume Snapvault using "snapvault update ..." 


snapvault update says

Transfer aborted: destination is temporarily quiesced.


Any idea, how I can get this running?



How big is the volume?


What's the snapvault sched - snapvault snap sched


You might need to do snapvault start 


Hello, thanks for you reply.


Tthe volume is 6.5TB big, 1.1TB used.


Snapvault start is not possbile Error: "... is already configured and initialized."

snapvault start -r .... not working, Error: "Transfer aborted: destination is temporarily quiesced."


Any more ideas?

Snapvault off is not an option, since we have long lasting backup jobs around the clock.



Did you delete all the snapshots including the transfer snap?




thanks for the quick response.

hope not, both volumes have one snapshot with "snapvault" indicator


last base snap: 

Base Snapshot:          ndeluhfsc101(2014688024)_v4_PDELUH0001422_fcb201_SMSP_P_backup-base.0


snap list on destination

ndeluhfsc101(2014688024)_v4_PDELUH0001422_fcb201_SMSP_P_backup-base.0 (busy,snapvault)

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