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Disk Allocation on FAS2554 HA pair

I am having a new setup on FAS2554 HA pair, using Data Ontap 8.3.1


During setup, disks are automatically assign, each half assigned to one controller.


However I would like to know if we can allocate more disks on one controllers, so as to create a larger usable disk capacity?


And since the root volume spread across all disks owned by one controller, can I move ownership of a disk between controller if the root volume data already exists? If yes, how can I achieve that?




Re: Disk Allocation on FAS2554 HA pair

Hi @netappmw


root partition and data partition can have diff owners, please have a look:


storage disk show -partition-ownership


How root-data partitioning works


Assigning ownership for disks partitioned for root-data partitioning




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