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Transition Advisor in ASUP

Has anyone used Transition Advisor in MY Autto Support site ?

 I am trying to create reports which is part of the assessment for migarting from 7 Mode to CDOT.  


Re: Transition Advisor in ASUP

We have better tools for that at this point.  I would suggest downloading the 7mode transition tool for windows, which has "Collect & Assess" functionality.  It gathers more data from the controllers than is available in ASUP, so it produces a much better report.



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Re: Transition Advisor in ASUP



Transition Advisor is replaced by Unified Parser.  When you click on Transition Advisor in MyAutoSupport it redirects you to Unified Parser.  You can provide storage serial number and it can generate assessment report based on its Autosupport data.




Re: Transition Advisor in ASUP


As suggested above, you should use the windows tool to directly query the systems as a double-check from your asups..

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