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Shelf firmware updates


I'm preparing for a shelf firmware update with 2 stacks, one with 2246 and another 4243 I think are all IOM6 modules. I need to upgrade in order to migrate ACP from OOB to In-Band but wanted to know what risks I pose to a production system. I've only updated non production shelfs so obviously there was no issues but the stakes are higher now.


Anyone have issues or any gotchas i.e. an out of date disk firmware below that of the shelf etc.


Re: Shelf firmware updates




Not sure if that was a typo - You mentioned DS4243 ?


IOM3 module  (ex-DS4243) is not supported for in-band configuration. For in-band,  entire Storage/Cluster must be running minimum IOM6 or later.


In your case : With IOM3 and IOM6 mixed Shelf Modules in the same cluster, the options are :

1) Replace the IOM3 with IOM6 or later Modules to use in-Band ACP.
2) Use OOB-ACP (i.e you will need to cable up the ACP ports) for entire cluster.


In case, that was typo and you meant - 4246, then KB applies:

This is a very informative article on in-band ACP requirements: In-Band ACP Setup and Support



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Re: Shelf firmware updates


Typically DS2246 have IOM6 modules, where the DS4243 have IOM3 modules as denoted by last number.


Again typically shelf firmware goes off without issue and is done as a background process.  Two issues, rarely encountered, I have seen have been IOM does not upgrade (stays on previous FW) or upgrade freezes (requiring a IOM re-seat or replacement).   On either open a case and have a FE come out to re-seat the IOM if you don't fee conferrable doing it yourself, then if issue persists replace the IOM.


Disks failing to upgrade firmware in my experience is even less likely than shelf firmware upgrades.


If you have concerns, which is why you posted this question, open a support case before you start your upgrades with all the information about your system and what you are doing.   So if you do hit an issue you can escalate the case through chat or 800 number, without wasting time waiting for case to be generated then assigned.


Re: Shelf firmware updates


It's IOM6 and thanks for the link. I ask because we can't fly out there if anything goes wrong but I guess since it's rare I'll give it a shot.

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