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Showing hidden options



I've encountered at least two 'hidden' options that i've needed to set, but do not show up in the list outputted by the 'options' command:

options admin.hosts

options snapmirror.window_size

Why don't these show up when running the 'options' command? Does anyone have a list of useful hidden options?




Showing hidden options


This has happened to me in the past also.  It is even more fun when you upgrade filers and option become hidden in the later versions of DoT.  I think partners can access a list but they are hidden from customers so that we do not play with the system and kill it.  I have asked in the past for access but they are "hidden for a reason".

Hope it helps


Showing hidden options


One way to make the hidden options show is to set them to the same value as the default..just setting the value (if 65536 for example) to the current value should make it show.  To see all options you can run 'priv set advanced; registry walk options.'

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Showing hidden options


Right on, thanks Scott!

Brendon I agree it is pretty silly, especially with the innocuous options I gave as examples. Really no reason to have them hidden, just impedes work and hides features - especially when I can plainly type "priv set diag" and start setting system flags. Ah well.


Re: Showing hidden options


I though the same thing until I looked for wafl.trunc.throttle.min.size after I ran registry walk options command.

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