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Single Node System Configuration Backup




i installed a single node cluster and during installation i was asked to enter a address for the configuration backup. No idea what to enter so i skipped this for later configuration...


Now i searched at the support web and google if there are any best practices, but i didn't find what i'm searching. (Only how to configure a schedule and destination url on the system which should be backed up.)


At the site where i installed the single node cluster there is also a 2 node cluster. Now i'm searching for a manual how to configure the 2 node cluster that the single node cluster can upload the configuration backup to the 2 node cluster.



So my question is there a way to configure the admin svm to accept the backup uploads? If this is not possible, or when creating a new svm for the backups, how must the http access configured to work as backup destination.


I hope someone has seen something that kind.


Kind regards



Re: Single Node System Configuration Backup

Unfortunately C-Mode does not support HTTP or FTP file access.

Re: Single Node System Configuration Backup


No HTTP access? In the workshops they told us every time for a transiton that FTP is no longer supported, but i didn't remember that someone told me something about http...


So the only way seems to build a little linux appliance with a ftp to store the backup files.

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