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I have a question on the relation between snapmirror and snapvault

I have 2 prerequesites on my infrastructure

1 creating a recovery site for all productions sites (only one recovery site)

2 backuping volumes of all production sites with a retention of one year in the recovery site

here is the question
is it possible to do a volume snapmirror from all sites to a central filer (this is to have the recovery site)
and to apply a snapvault from the central filer to itself using the snapmirrored snapshots as the base data for snapvault?

an example to better understand my issue
10 sites with 5 volumes of 1OO GB each are snap mirrored to a central filer
the result is 50 volumes of 100GB in the central filer so 5 tB
I need to backup those 5TB with the retention of one year.

in theory snapvault wil do an initialize transfer to duplicate those 5TB in the same filer and will provide x snapshots during one year to give the requested retention

Is it possible for snapvault not to do the initial replication and so to do the snapshots directly from the initial snapshot of the volume snapmirror?


Re: snapmirror / snapvault


You can use snapvault to protect snapmirror destination. This is documented in Data Protection Online Backup guide. What I am not sure about, whether it is possible to fully automate using built-in Data ONTAP snapvault scheduler. You may need to use external system to schedule snapvault updates.

It is not possible to skip initial replication for snapvault.

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Re: snapmirror / snapvault


Hi Daniel,

i have to do the same configuration. Im a bit confused because I found that match information but not exactly what i nead.

We have Ontap 8.2.3 7-Mode and the snapvault let me take a transfer ore backup mode.


Where did you activate this options snapvault.preservesnap on, on the Snapmirror Primary ore secondary System?


How did your configuration looks like?


thanks Angelo

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