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why to build a Netapp cluster network must use these switches: Nexus 5596, CN1601, CN1610? Can I use other switches? For example: Nexus 5548, Nexus 3000 Series, or switches from other vendors.


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Please find teh requirements for cluster switches as below:

• They must run a current supported nx-os version that is compatible with the Clustered ONTAP version being deployed – check here http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/cm_switches/
• They must use the Supported RCF configuration file from the above link
• The switch must NOT be used for anything but Clustered ONTAP Connections. No Data Connections can be ran across the switch at all.

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Re: Cluster switches



In cluster ontap the recommended cluster switch are NetApp CN1610, and CISCO NEXUS 5596.

Morever you can use CISCO NEXUS 5010 and 5020 but these are no longer being sold.

And NeApp cluster do not support the CISCO NEXUS 5548.



your cluster is upto 12 node you can use NetApp CN1610 switch.

If your cluster is more than 12 node the recommended switch is CISCO NEXUS 5596.

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