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SnapCenter replacement for sdcli disk add mount


Looking for cmdlet or other option to add a second/third windows mount point to disk.


would like to utilize snapcenter cmdlet as it should be authenticated and already performed the new-sdstorage.


Or... can new-sdstorage -path argument take multiple paths?




Re: SnapCenter replacement for sdcli disk add mount


The -path flag only accepts one entry. 


As far as I know, you can only have one mount point for a LUN in a Windows server, or create a shortcut.


You can reference the cmdlet guide for SnapCenter here:



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Re: SnapCenter replacement for sdcli disk add mount


Yes, you can have multiple mounts, we do have a few on each of our servers. 


It's not as big of deal as adding the first mount. Our primary servers have over 150 luns presented.  using the sdcli disk connect command it takes 5-10 minutes per lun to connect and mount.  if we lun map from the controller side(150_ luns in bulk) takes a minute or so, and use sdcli disk add_mount on the server (after the OS recognizes that the drives are there) takes about 1-2 minutes each. Previous years DR testing we did the sdcli disk connect method and it took several hours for all these commands to complete.  This year, we bulk lun mapped all the luns to the servers and then ran sdcli disk add_mount and it took just over an hour for everything to complete.  Dropping off several hours in a DR situation is huge.

This is a windows 2008R2 env. 


We are getting ready to move things to Windows 2016.  So having a snapcenter / snapdrive cmdlet that does "disk add_mount" in some way is really huge for us.

Re: SnapCenter replacement for sdcli disk add mount


Hi Vandi,


Yes, you can have multiple mounts of separate LUNs. However this cmdlet is for mounting a single LUN. 


I can certainly see how having down time in a DR situation is critical the longer it drags on. 

It sounds like in a DR event, you are attempting to run the SDCLI commands one at a time to perform the recovery operation.

Creating a script to automate the mounts in this scenario would be ideal. Are these servers virtual or physical?

Re: SnapCenter replacement for sdcli disk add mount


They are physical windows 2008R2 servers - SQL 2012 ....  yes, we have scripted the sdcli disk commands...working from the snapdrive gui would take probably take 6-7 to mount everything up and be extremely painful.


using the "sdcli disk connect" script takes about 4-5 hours.

bulk 'lun map' script takes a few minutes, if that... wait about 10 minutes for the server to pick up on the luns, then run 'sdcli disk add_mount' script takes a bit more than an hour.


We are now in the process of building out a Windows 2016 / SQL 2016 env to replace the 2008 servers, along with moving to SnapCenter, so I would hope that 'connect-sdstorage' cmdlet would be a bit faster, but I suspect not as fast as the lun map/add_mount method.  I'll probably try this shortly and see what happens. 

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