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SnapDrive Cluster




I want to create a cluster Hyper-V with two nodes.


In order to make it, I'll do on each node :


- Install Host utilities Kit for Windows

- Install SnapDrive

- Create a disk ISCSI CSV

- Create a disk standalone for the quorum.


Am I right ?


What's more, what are the advantages of using Snapdrive ? Does it configure the timeout and other specifics in order to use the best practice Windows Hyper-V/NetApp ?



Best regards.



Advantages of Snapdrive are listed here



Ontap DSM can also be used



The Data ONTAP® DSM 4.1 for Windows® MPIO is a Device Specific Module (DSM) that enables NetApp storage systems to integrate with Microsoft® Multipath I/O (MPIO) in order to provide applications with high availability connections to NetApp® storage. The Data ONTAP DSM is used with NetApp storage system configurations in which Windows hosts have more than one physical path to the NetApp system.


The Data ONTAP DSM 4.1 for Windows MPIO works independently from SnapDrive® for Windows. While the use of SnapDrive is optional, if you are using SnapDrive for consistent snapshots, then use the Data ONTAP DSM 4.1 with a supported version of SnapDrive.






Thanks for your answer.


Concerning Data ONTAP DSM 4.1 for Windows MPIO :


1 - Can I install it whithout Snapdrive ?

2 - Do I install it before or after Host utilities Kit for Windows ?

3 - If I don't use snapdrive, can I use this video for configuring the MPIO with DSM  ? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVAir7tUZK8