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SnapDrive for ONTAP 9.0P1




I had my FAS2552 upgraded to ONTAP 9.0P1 last week and since then I have gotten a lot of problems that I think originates from SnapDrive. I have updated to version 7.1.3P3.


I have Hyper-V servers running over SMB3.0 to the Netapp and the virtual machines still work without problem.


However SnapManager for Hyper-V does not work. It is not able to connect to the volumes. So now I don't have any backups...


Failed to take backup of VM VMNAME[Hyper-V] as SnapDrive for Windows is unable to enumerate the following components(s) : (Snapshot location is not valid. This could mean the VM may have an unsupported storage configuration. Please confirm that VM's snapshot file location reside on NetApp storage.) for the VM on Hyper-V host HOSTNAME.


I think it is because when I open SnapDrive and try to set the Transport protocol settings I am not able to add the NetApps IP adresses.


Unable to modify or add transport protocol. Failed to get Data ONTAP version running on the storage system <ip-address>. Error description: Can't connect to host (err=10061).


Any tips on what I can try?

Just tested to uninstall and re-install SnapDrive and Snapmanager with no improvment.




Re: SnapDrive for ONTAP 9.0P1


So the answer was: SnapDrive 7.1.3P3 is a buggy version. I had to go back to 7.1.2 to get this to work. Now with 7.1.4 it works even better because of better ONTAP 9 support.


Then I had a lot of other problems with my backups/snapshots but that has been solved now by running Application consistent snapshot on the VMs with the Intergration Services choice "Backup (Volume Checkpoint)" un-checked. After that I can check it again and the snapshots work great.

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