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SnapDrive snapshot disk enumeration error



When expanding the mounted LUNs in order to see the SnapShot copies in SnapDrive I receive the following error:

Error: Failed to enumerate backups for disk \\?\Volume\#################\.  Reasons Failed to retrieve backupList for the source guest.

This is affecting my ability to browse any SnapShots taken.  This is also affecting any backups that I am currently making.  How can I resolve this issue?  If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards

Justin Medcraft


Re: SnapDrive snapshot disk enumeration error


Hi Justin, there are few things you could check, are the LUN's mounted for SME, SMSQL?

If you run a << snap list VOLNAME >> on the CLI for the appliance, do you see any snapshots listed? Always worth a check.

Has the LUN been dismounted and remounted at all?

By the looks of it you are using Snapdrive 6, have you tried to establish a new ISCSI session between the host and the Filer?

Are there any snapdrive entries in the windows event logs?

Is the issue isolated to 1 or 2 LUN's or all of them?

Checked the Username and Password for SnapDrive?



Re: SnapDrive snapshot disk enumeration error


Hi, did you ever resolve this issue? If so how? I am experiencing the same problem. Any help greatly appreciated.




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