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SnapVault from Cluster to 7-Mode



Please tell me if it is possible to snapvault data from Ontap 8.3 Cluster Mode to 8.2 7-Mode ?


I want backup my Exchange Environment using SnapVault for Exchange and this tool inform me that I don't have set Primary Storage set corectly, so I read about this and I don't have idea how to set peering beetween cluster (as a primary) to 7-Mode (as a secondary).






Re: SnapVault from Cluster to 7-Mode

Not sure where you read this, but i'm almost certain this is not possible... The only way to go from 7-mode to cdot is with a TDP relationship and it's only one way.


I'm not aware of any way you can go backwards between cdot and 7-mode.. I think you have misinformation

Re: SnapVault from Cluster to 7-Mode



This configuration is not possible. The only time we do a peer relationship from a 7 mode system to a cluster mode system is when we do transition from 7 mode to a new cluster mode system.



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