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SnapMirror Alert Script

I am looking for a powershell script that can alert me when a SnapMirror syncs, re-syncs and fails.  Operations Manager would not do this per NetApp as all relationships are managed through System Manager.


Re: SnapMirror Alert Script

If you include "restart=always" in the snapmirror.conf file it will just pick right back up again so you don't have to restart by hand.  The one caveat is it does not work on an initialization.  We get mirrors that fail all the time of lossy internet connections and the restart is a must have in my book.  All the script is going to do is annoy the heck out of you

Re: SnapMirror Alert Script

Thanks for your reply.  I actually don't have connection issues so if the SnapMirror failed, there is a legitimate issue that requires human intervention to fix it.  For example, only the source mirror was resized resulting in destination mirror being too small.  So, i would like to get an email alert as soon as the mirror fails in cases like this.

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