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SnapMirror Break and Snapshot Schedule


I have a volume with hourly snapshots scheduled on it.

The volume is SnapMirrored to another location.  The volume options and snapshot schedule are updated at the snapmirror destination if I change the source of the snapmirror.

When I break the snapmirror I was expecting hourly snapshots to be taken at the destination as well as at the source but they are not.

If I check the snap sched on the destination volume I can see that it is set and if I check the nosnap volume option on the destination I can also see that it is off.

Are snapshots not being taken because the filer still knows that this is a snapshot destination?  I think I will try reversing the snapmirror to see what happens and/or releasing the snapmirror.


Re: SnapMirror Break and Snapshot Schedule


When I reversed the Snapmirror relationship the snapshots started to be created at the old destination, now the source.

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Re: SnapMirror Break and Snapshot Schedule


Dear All ,,


we have recently configured the snapmirror between tow site . is ther is any relation between the snapmirros and snapshot ,since is configured the snapmirror i have problem with doing volume snapshot it is started as 0 Kb then it will start to increase after some time !!


is this the right was or there is issue ??


please advice .


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