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SnapMirror Destination Question

Hello Everyone,


I have a question concerning our snapmirroring destination for our clustered environment.  Is it possible to create a non snapmirror volume (1TB) on the destination so we can utilize it for a VMware instance?  Or is it strictly used for snapmirroring?  We have plenty of space on the destination. I don't know if there is some kind of special config on this unit that strictly deals with snapmirroring.  I hope this makes sense. Any advice is appreciated.




Re: SnapMirror Destination Question

If i'm understanding this correctly, you can create any volume you want anywhere in your cluster and use it for anything you want.  Just because the box is currently used as a destination, that's more a role than anything

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Re: SnapMirror Destination Question

Alright thanks. 

Re: SnapMirror Destination Question

what the first reponse said.


this is no such thing as prodcution and DR/Snapmirror destination controllers, controllers are controllers and can do anything you need them to.


your volumes are sources or targets when it comes to snapmirror, but you can happily mix and match with no issue.

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