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SnapMirror Destination


I have a requirement to move some of the snapmirror destination volumes from one SVM to another SVM in the same cluster (8.3.2.P9). The source volume is in production use. Its just the destination volume that needs to be in a new SVM. Is it possible to  move the current snapmirror destination volume to a new SVM without any impact on the source volume?



Hello, the only impact will be the time the SnapMirror relationship is down. However, since you're currently on a version of ONTAP that does support moving a volume from one SVM to another without coping the data, this will be longer than if you were running ONTAP 9.


If you remain on 8.3.2 I believe your only option is to...


  1. Break and release the existing SnapMirror relationship
  2. On the desintation cluster create a new SnapMirror relationship for the volume between the old and new SVM - to copy the volume between SVMs
  3. Break and release that relationship
  4. Create a new relationship between the source and new destination volume
  5. Resync the relationship using common snapshot

If you upgrade to ONTAP 9.x you can utilise the new volume rehost feature - which does away with copying the volume between SVMs. The process is detailed here: Rehosting volumes in a SnapMirror relationship


Hope this helps.






Thanks for the reply.


I like the volume rehost command. I believe its going to be a lot of help for snapmirror users.


I am not sure if I explained my question properly. So let me explain my requirement with the example.


cluster name - cluster1
volume Name - vol1
Source SVM - svm1
destination SVM - svm2
New Destination SVM - svm3


My requirement is to move the existing snapmirror relation for vol1 between svm1 and svm2 to svm3 without a full baseline copying because the volume size is really big. SVM2 and SVM3 are in the same cluster. It helps if we could rehost the destination to svm3 without a full baseline copying.