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SnapMirror Resync Procedure


I have initialized a SnapMirror XDP relationship (Ontap 9.3P11 at DEST, 9.1P16 at SOURCE) and broken the relationship in order to copy (robocopy) ALL data from the LUNs within the volume to a new NAS volume for CIFS - so I'm migrating from LUNs to CIFS here.


The copy process is about to complete so I intend to resync the mirror, update, break and run robocopy to sync to copy. 


Is this is valid procedure or am I missing somehting critical here?


Additional info:


There are 7 LUNs in the volume which provide 11 VMDKs to a single Windows Server that are spanned as a single 100TB disk.  So I am emptying that bad design into a NAS CIFS share via a FlexGroup volume for future growth.


Re: SnapMirror Resync Procedure


Are you copying from the Source or Destination LUNS?

Why break the mirror? If you are copying from the DEST this would make sense as windows has a cow with a R/O LUN

If you are copying from the source, just resync it and leave it alone. 

Use robocopy to update/sync as needed.

(FYI, a great tool called XCP located at xcp.netapp.com would also have worked!)


Re: SnapMirror Resync Procedure


Tmac!  We crossed paths at SBS years ago.  Yes.. broke the mirror and copying from DEST.

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