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SnapMirror Resync Procedure


I have initialized a SnapMirror XDP relationship (Ontap 9.3P11 at DEST, 9.1P16 at SOURCE) and broken the relationship in order to copy (robocopy) ALL data from the LUNs within the volume to a new NAS volume for CIFS - so I'm migrating from LUNs to CIFS here.


The copy process is about to complete so I intend to resync the mirror, update, break and run robocopy to sync to copy. 


Is this is valid procedure or am I missing somehting critical here?


Additional info:


There are 7 LUNs in the volume which provide 11 VMDKs to a single Windows Server that are spanned as a single 100TB disk.  So I am emptying that bad design into a NAS CIFS share via a FlexGroup volume for future growth.



Are you copying from the Source or Destination LUNS?

Why break the mirror? If you are copying from the DEST this would make sense as windows has a cow with a R/O LUN

If you are copying from the source, just resync it and leave it alone. 

Use robocopy to update/sync as needed.

(FYI, a great tool called XCP located at xcp.netapp.com would also have worked!)



Tmac!  We crossed paths at SBS years ago.  Yes.. broke the mirror and copying from DEST.