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vol move problem


I have a 6-node cluster consisting of FAS8020, FAS8040 and AFF300, running cDOT 9.5P4 and totally 3 SVMs,

the latest SVM3 with 2 aggegates from AFF300 disks.


Moving any volume from SVM2 to the aggregates of the new SVM3 is possible,

but when I try to move any volume from SVM1, the AFF300 aggregates are not shown as possible destinations.


Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any tips,



Apostolos Gkavanozis

Re: vol move problem

Hi @gavan 


Please check  SVM aggr-list, ensure that the destination aggregate is assigned to the SVM 

cluster1::> vserver show -vserver SVM1 -fields aggr-list
vserver aggr-list
------- ---------
SVM1    -


Re: vol move problem

Hi christai,

first of all thanks for the tip.


Finally it was the missing data LIF on SVM1.

Apostolos Gkavanozis
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