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SnapMirror Startup


Looking for some help with the initial configuration of SnapMirror. Looking to replicate everything possible from one to another using a WAN. Any help in the initial setup would be awesome!





as one of our friend suggested, please get the details with the above commands and let us kno whether it is 7mode or Cmode.

My best bet is your's 7mode.


we can assist you, once after we know your environment.

Additionally, you can seach the youtube netapp KB articles on " how to configure snapmirror".

you can have some clear idea with that video.







Please login to your filer through CLI, and check the prompt how it looks.


For C-dot the prompt will be like this  EX : cluster1::>


For 7-mode it will be Ex : fas01>


If it was 7 -mode then type the following command for version.



sysconfig -a


in the output you will find Netapp Release 8.x.x 7-mode.


For C-dot



in the output you will find Netapp Release 8.x.x


From that we can find out what the furthur steps that we can take.




what type of help you are looking for?


I'm able to view the SnapMirror menu when using the GUI so im assuming that I have the liscense available. I'm also able to set up a mirror between the two devices withing my company. My boss would like for us to be able to rececive data from our sister company, who resides outside the US, using snapmirror. I have some documentation that has considerations before using SnapMirror but it doesn't really say how to configure anything. Hope that helps add a little more detail. 


Ok, let's assume this is CDOT, and from the questions it doesn't look like you have any experience with Netapp.


Take a look at this - http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4015.pdf


and then you shoudl also get more familiar with Netapp by using the WBT


You would be correct that I have no experience with NetApp nor does anyone in my office. The product was brought to us installed and set up to do what we needed and then the people who did that left. The document that you attached I have and have read it. i do not know what WDT or CDOT so i'm unable to confirm your assumption, or take your advice.  I need to know how to configure the initial connection between the 2 NetApps. 


If you are going ot support this, you are going to need to do some training.


On the forum, we cannot be expected set this up from the beginning. that is why there are channel partners out there.


Google, snapmirror help on cdot.



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