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SnapMirror history


I'm having a bit of trouble getting actual history from my snapmirror relationships.  There's a command in 8.3+ (which I have) like this:


snapmirror show-history -destination-path va-fs2:lab_fs1_testvol_vault


snapmirror show-history -relationship-id e09b94b3-7c26-11e6-8d8f-00a098574311


The problem is, it'll only show me the last transfer, no actual history.  My mirrors are of type XDP (snapvault), could that be why or am I just doing something wrong?



Destination Path: va-fs2:va-fs2:lab_fs1_testvol_vault

Source Path: lab-fs1:testvol

Relationship ID: e09b94b3-7c26-11e6-8d8f-00a098574311

Relationship Group Type: none

Operation: scheduled-update

Operation ID: 05878d1d-7b24-4b3b-9d1b-ab5d1a443756

Start Time: 9/18/2016 00:20:00

End Time: 9/18/2016 00:29:35

Result: success

Transfer Size: 2.76MB

Additional Information: -


Re: SnapMirror history


It shows the history only for last 24 hours. 


I have volumes with diffrent schdules .


for the volume which replicate once a day , I see only one entry. 


For the volumes which replicate 3 times a day , I see 3 entries 


nascluster::> snapmirror show-history -destination-volume vol_341

Destination Source Start End
Path Path Operation Time Time Result
----------- ----------- --------- ----------- ----------- -------
nassvm_dr:vol_341nassvm:vol_341 scheduled-update 9/21/2016 20:00:00 9/21/2016 21:37:29 success


nascluster::> snapmirror show-history -destination-vol datax_fs

Destination Source Start End
Path Path Operation Time Time Result
----------- ----------- --------- ----------- ----------- -------
nassvm_dr:datax_fs nassvm:datax_fs scheduled-update 9/22/2016 04:22:00 9/22/2016 04:22:55 success
nassvm_dr:datax_fs nassvm:datax_fs scheduled-update 9/21/2016 23:22:00 9/21/2016 23:22:35 success
nassvm_dr:datax_fs nassvm:datax_fs scheduled-update 9/21/2016 18:22:00 9/21/2016 18:22:48 success
3 entries were displayed.

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Re: SnapMirror history


If you have Unified manager, in OCUM we can see below history until a year old

1) Data transfer size 

2)  Transfer time 

3)  Lag time 

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