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SnapProtect VMware restore fails



I've installed a C-Mode environment and I'm using SnapProtect (10 SP5b) to protect it. On this environment we're using different kind of clients, such as: NAS, SQL, VMware, etc.

The backup and restore of NAS files succeeds. Also the backup of VMware (datastore is connected via NFS) is successfully completed. However, when I try to restore a complete Virtual Machine of try to do a granular recovery it failed all the time. For example when I'm trying to do a single file restore I'm getting the error that SnapProtect is unable to browse the Virtual Machine (Browse failed due to error occurred during snapshot mount):

When I take a look at the NetApp vServer the volume, used for restore, is cloned and exported with the correct export rule. Inside VMware itself nothing is happening.

We also have tried to disable the virusscanner, but this didn't helped.

Does someone maybe knows what is happening?




Re: SnapProtect VMware restore fails


Eelco ... some questions ... are snapshots visible?  LS rootvol?  And what version of clustered Data ONTAP?



Re: SnapProtect VMware restore fails


Hello Jim,

Last week NetApp support did analyse the loggings. We have hit the bug 806823 inside version 8.2.1 C-Mode. The problem was that the volume clone was created but couldn't be exported because a wrong export path was given back to SnapProtect. After upgrading towards version 8.2.2RC1 the problem was solved.



Re: SnapProtect VMware restore fails


Hi Jim,

We have a similar issue that Engineering are looking at still, after upgrading to 8.2.2RC1 to get over the export path issues - we determined that having a LS rootvol seems to also cause the mounts to not work until the LS schedule has run. 

As you were asking about LS rootvol in the other case, thought it couldn't hurt to reach out and see if anyone knew about this one.

Best regards


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