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SnapProtect and Tape Devices

I have an Hyper-V environment with SnapProtect installed and working for primary snapshot copies and SnapMirror. The customer now wants to utilise Tape Backup.

Reading the design guide it suggests streaming through a Media Server is the way to go for LUN Data. Is this correct?

Are there limited ways in which the Tape Device can be connected to the Media Server? i.e. SAS only, FC?, iSCSI?

Are there only limited Tape Drives supported?

Also can the media server act as the Proxy for Hyper-V backups if it's connected to the iSCSI network?


Re: SnapProtect and Tape Devices


NDMP dump is only applicable for NAS data (using the Netapp NAS NDMP iDA) all other backups to tape need to be streamed through the media agent.  To my best knowledge supported tape drives are listed under Data Protection - Supported Devices but have also a look at the IMT as the notes include a link to a hardware compability matrix.

I hope this helps

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