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SnapRestore problem

Hi guys,

I am trying to use SnapRestore for the first time but it looks like I am missing something important.


So, I did the following things first:
- The client operating system has to be configured to show hidden files
- Set the cifs.show_snapshot option to on
- Set the cifs.ms_snapshot option to xp
- Set the cifs.smb2.enable option to off
and thought this would be enough...


But when I enable shares to see whats in the snapshots directory, all I see is a huge xxx_LUN

instead of seeing single files and folders!


Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance


Re: SnapRestore problem

Looks like you are trying to restore a LUN instead of a NAS share (CIFS/SMB or NFS). Individual directories and files will not be visible in the case of a LUN. Restoring would make sense on NAS side rather than trying to get to files on the client side. 


There are few approaches...


Snap restore or LUN cloning


You can refer to these for more details:  






Word of CAUTION: Do pay attention to the path you are restoring the LUN to. You do not want to overwrite the existing one. 




Re: SnapRestore problem

Thanks for the tips my friend,

I followed the lun create clone procedure.

It needs a lot of available space temporarily, but at least it works.

We thought that snap restore would be the tool for us, but it didn't.

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