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CDOT NSE Requirements


It is well documented in 7M that if you want to use NSE drives that the entire "system" (I am interpreting that means an HA pair)  needs to have all NSE drives.


My questions are:


Now that we have CDOT, does that rule still apply? Meaning can 2 Nodes (1 HA Pair) have all NSE drives and the other nodes in the cluster have non-nse drives? Or do all disks in the cluster have to be NSE drives?


If its the former, can you "vol move"  between nodes in a cluster that don't have the same disk type? For example one HA pair has NSE drives and the others dont?


If its the latter, can you SnapMirror between two systems that don't have the same disk type? For example one Cluster has NSE drives and the other has non-NSE drives?



Thanks, Everyone


Re: CDOT NSE Requirements


From a technology point of view, you only need all-NSE drives within a given HA pair. You can have a cluster with one or more encrypted HA pairs and one or more non-encrypted pairs.

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Re: CDOT NSE Requirements


You can Snapmirror from a NSE system to a non-NSE system and vice versa.

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