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IOPS on NetApp Simulator



I am currently using a NetApp simulator for testing purposes [NetApp Sim 7-mode (NetApp Release 8.2.1)].  I am trying to generate IOPS on a VM hosted by an volume on an aggregate and using the Data OnTap API to fetch the IOPS from the aggregate.


I am monitoring and using the counter called "total_transfers" but it returns the same value (i.e. 18446736384633054249) everytime I fetch the performance data.  Even after I generated IOPS on the VM.  So my question is, can we get total_transfers or IOPS from a NetApp simulator through the OnTap API?




Re: IOPS on NetApp Simulator

i recalled there's a kb mentioned simulator doesn't support DFM these kinds of software due to statistics query fail. As DFM these software uses API to check statistics, I believe your answer is "no, not supported" and you'd better to use a real filer to test.


hopefully helps




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