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SnapVault Baseline question

Hi All Hope I post at the right place, sorry I am really new to NetApp. I am trying to clean up more space and found there are multiple snapvault baseline under a volume snapshot list. Are these safe to remove? Also is there any way to find out the config for baseline to been taken or does it initiate manually ?


Can you check the snapvault status to see if you have any stale relationships that are "locking" the snapshots?

The relationship is currently at idle, with lag time 9hrs.


Can you check on both the source and destination filers?

Sorry to miss it in the last post, the status is the same in both source and destination.


What is the snapvault schedule now?


Either way, I think you can just remove those two old snapshots manually.

Hi Thank you for the information, the snapvault snap sched for the volume is set to 2@sun@23. I just want to make sure by remove those 2 old snapshot with (snapvault) baseline on it won't cause any issue with vault copy. Also I have notice this is occuring on multiple volume snapshot list, so is this normal or there is config require update ? Cheers

Sorry to include this in the last post. I am still learning about how snapvault work, do I just need to leave 1 snapshot copy with (snapvault) baseline or it require multiple baseline ? If you could suggest any document I can read to give me more understand of snapvault, snapshot and snapmirror (include baseline relationship) much appreciate!


There is typically one snapshot that is the baseline (snapvault locked) except when an update is happening and then you'll see two, the one being used for the update and the previous successful.


The two old snapshots are not typical. I've seen it with stale snapvault relationships, are you seeing similar snapshots from the same dates on those other volumes? Perhaps there was an issue with the vault around that time. Or, it could be that the number of weekly vault snapshots was changed - you have an active schedule of 7 daily snaps being created, if it was changed from 9 at one point, it might have not removed the two outliers properly.

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